The Penguins of Petermann island.
An excursion from the RV Akademik Ioffe, to a popular Antarctic island. February 2007.

<Zodiac's parked up at Petermann island, Antarctica>
<A Gentoo Penguin> <A Gentoo, and Zodiac launch>
<A Gentoo approching a pool of iced water>
<A Gentoo, showing it's beak> <The Ioffe, with a Zodiac heading for shore>
<A Moulting Gentoo> <Gentoo penguins, showing their moulting feathers>
<An Adelie Penguin, notice the blue eye patch, and dark beak>
<A lone Adelie> <A moutling Gentoo>
<A Skua looking for a weak Gentoo> <Gentoo's gathering following an attack by a Skua on a young bird>
<Gentoo's ganging up> <Gentoo's charging the Skua>
<A Gentoo, interested in Anne Bonney's yellow ski goggles> <More Gentoo>

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Authors: Photographs and page created by: James Bartosik.
Date of event: February 28th 2007.
Page History: First created: May 31st 2008. Last Revision: n/a. Revision version: 1.0.
Camera and Lenses: Canon 350D, Canon 30v, EF 24-70L USM f2.8, EF 75-300 f4-5.6. Film: Fuji Velvia 50, Kodak 100 Gold.
Locations: Petermann Island, Antarctica, 65°10'S, 64°10'W.
Copyright: © Copyright material, all rights reserved